Episode 1: It’s All in Your Head

Psychic Marvel S. Day and her friend Liza entertain the usefulness of tin beanies before Marvie mysteriously disappears. Dante del Fuego is a student at Hale, too smart to stay there for long.  Dueling professors Smythe and Von Icken debate ancient alien theory.

Episode 2: The Emperor of Mars


On Mars Dante learns he is to be crowned Emperor of all Astrati, meets Elivis and shares specifications with his gynedroid Veronica. Psychic Marvel S. Day sends out mind beams in search of her friend Liza.  Nampeya of the Hopi Astrati prepares to attack the red planet.

Episode 3: The Love Planet

The genetically engineered space Hopi bomb the living green Star Worts that cover the cities on Mars, just as Dante is about to be crowned. Tanake and LIza rescue Marvie, and they meet again on Venus with help from Bhuto Monks and the three-headed Knights of Jah.

Episode 4: There’s No Place Like Jupiter

Dante visits asteroidal planets Ceres and Vesta in Roger Ten-4, his TARDIS-saucer, en route to the Hopi home world Callisto, orbiting the gas giant Jupiter. Meanwhile  in Jupiter, Florida Smythe and the Day family encounter vacationing  W’Kees –  and Marvie and Liza try to stop the HAARP weather control hurricane coming their way!