Episode Notes

Episode One Author Notes and References

Episode one was the easiest script, largely because I had already written most of the scenes for the novelization.

Marvie and Liza have had extensive conversations about tin beanies, media moguls, conspiracy theories, the Illuminati, zodiac, genetic engineering, computer viruses, aliens, trans-dimentional reptilians, phone tapping and sex! In order to get this into a half hour show, most of Marvie’s ideas were condensed, but they remain inspiration for her particular brand of mayhem.

Don Von Icken is of course inspired by Eric Von Danikken and David Icke – and other ancient alien and conspiracy theorists. As a creative writing major at Interlochen Arts Academy I was amazed at the way EVD melded science facts into such a coherent fancification! Icke does like. So a big reptoid salute goes out to them both of them herein.

Stormy shot her fiancé with the mind eraser pistol way back in 1999, but it took a while for her Secret Society Royal Families genetically engineered ancestry to direct her be the girl who would say I Married a Martian. Underground disaster homes, a secret world government, Skull and Bones, Men in Black and a black budget top secret military industrial complex inspired the Gnyte family and Zecharias Smythe.  Smythe of course is a multi-faceted reference to Zechariah Sitchin as well as famous Smith villains of yore.

Fans of Ruby, the inimitable Galactic Gumshoe, will recognize hints of the Android Sisters in the Sonic Circus, as well as a famous trope from Lehrer’s audio genius.

The Scurries evolved out of a Lensmen, Jedi and a traditional or perhaps “idealized” European religious order: keepers of holy secrets and outside of the official political reigns.

This first episode is designed to introduce these characters and their predicaments without giving away too much about what is to come. For now it is enough to just reveal that some of these “theories” like telekinesis and mind control are true!


Episode Two Author Notes and References

Episode two was a delight to write. I couldn’t wait to explore the palace on Mars and check out the total fantasy robot girlfriend! Plasti-flesh and holographic clothing seemed to be made for radio and the classic  theremin soundtrack.  Toss in flying cars, a prissy robo-butler, cloning and the Beranys-a-tron …  the whole episode became a sci-fi wet dream!

Long before Laura Magdalene Eisenhower revealed her secret Mars colony story, there was Alternative 3: a pseudo-documentary on a project that secreted away the best and brightest to a covert Martian city as a way to ensure the continuation of humanity.  Arthur C. Clarke said  “I’m fairly convinced that we have discovered life on Mars” and more controversial pontificators at Hoaglands Enterprise Mission say the sky is blue and wondrous mega-structures litter the landscape.

Elvis sightings and flying saucers seem to go together, so why not?  Walt Disney’s brain in a jar fits right in with cloning, the Jetson’s car and Roger – obviously a defective model from the factory on Summa Nula where TJ Terou picks up his robots. Or maybe he is Rosie’s cousin.