The Soundtrack

We are so very grateful to the many talented musicians who contributed to this production. Thank you all for the delicious audio environments and leitmotifs.

Our theme song “In the Now” is by AudioBody. They don’t just play music, they become the music with crazy music suits that turn these two brothers into human instruments.  Get it? Audio … Body!   Ahem.

Well, we just love their optimistic vision and so the Sonic Circus music is also from AudioBody, called “The Machine.” And  “Hot Hands” by AudioBody became Stormy’s #1 Hit on All Crossover Charts: “Static.” Here they are now:


The Astral Classroom twinkles are Robert Rich’s “Shadowline.” Hear it all at Magnatune, a really awesome place to listen to ambient, classical, alt and indie music online. Rich has several ambient albums at Magnatune

Magnatune is also where we discovered the theme music for the Hopi Astrati called the “Great Katun” by Paul Avgerinos, which you can hear in full at Magnatune. And because he loves everyone, Paul has shared this Bliss with us:


Total Cosmic Thanks go out to The Stolen Idols for providing entertainment in our Psychic Party Line!  The Stolen Idols are a local band that recorded “Busy Port” live at WMNF.

Roger Ten-Four would say, Dano is totally scubatacular! This versatile king crafted music that was a perfect fit for the Reptoids, Pharaoh Amunatun, The Oracle of Vesta and the Three Headed Knights of Jah!

We think Dano just might be a xeno-musician!  Thanks  Dano!


“Enceladus as the Eye of Hathor” album art design was created by Sluiter Design.

Stephen also helped with web site design, t-shirts and poster art and graphic design for the production.