The Story

Join Professor Don Von IckenĀ in the Astral Classroom as he explores the extraordinary events leading up to Unification on December 21, 2012. Travel through space and time into the minds of psychic Marvel S. Day and her family, reluctant hero Dante Del Fuego and the mysterious Scurrier Tanake of planet Ceres.

Agent Zecharais Smythe and his ex wife Ozona Gnyte plot to enslave humanity on behalf of their reptoid masters by using the massive media and the infonet to titillate and manipulate the Sheeple of Planet Earth – while the genetically engineered Hopi have their own ideas about Unifying the Solar System!

See the domed cities on Mars, coral seas of Venus and famed River Rings of Saturn as tardis-saucer Roger Ten-Four chauffers our heroes to a celebrity concert and Pharaonic wedding/virgin sacrifice to mark the end of the Great Mayan Pictun on December 21, 2012.